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The Art Academy is your place to discover and grow the artist within.


While we call our sessions 'classes' they are not your typical classroom learning experience. Each student works on their own project, being helped along by the teacher. We serve artists and would-be artists from middle school age through adults of all ages; from beginner to accomplished.

We find there is always more to learn and experience in art, and help our students in the realisation of their artistic pursuit, while constantly learning ourselves. We are all on the journey together, and those a little further along, or stronger, aid those who are still finding their way.

The Academy provides an inspiring, positive environment. The building also contains an Art Gallery and numerous artist studios where students may observe artists at work and their work in progress. There are also many works of art displayed throughout the building. The artists belong to the Main Street Creatives group, click here for the online site and here for more about the gallery.


If you have had the longing to create art, but have no idea how to get going; or if you are an artist who has had their art take second, third... umpteenth place because of life's resposibilities, but would like to give it a prime place again, or if you just need to have a place to go to fellowship with fellow artists and have positive input and instruction, then please consider the Art Academy as your place to do that.


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The Mural

Brightonians and those driving into town, may have notice the charging Elephant, breaking through the upper storey of the old hotel on Bridge Street!!

This is the resulting mural of a year-and-a-half effort, whose genesis lay in Brighton's Little Big Idea.

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Ceramics Classes

We now provide Ceramics Classes - wheel-work as well as slab (flat) work and sculpting. Classes will be held on Tuesday morning 11:00am- 1:00pm, evening at 6:00-8:00pm and Sat morning at 11:00am-1:00pm

Please contact us with any requests or questions.

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