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The Art Academy also teaches Ceramics. This includes both wheel-throwing and hand-building all sorts of pots, bowls, vases, figurines, etc.


We held classes in 2015 and are now introducing a re-vamped and expanded offering for 2016.


A little history....

We were donated a potters wheel and kiln, which had to be stored for some time because there was no place to utilise them. The place we stored them finally needed the space they were occupying and so we decided it was time to introduce pottery to the Art Academy of Colorado in Brighton. This was early to mid 2015.


Dave Thomas appeared on the scene and also donated a wheel and kiln - and his talents as a pottery teacher. We held classes for around six months and suspended them in December of 2015 because Dave was to have an operation on his hand. The plan being to pick the classes up again, once his hand was well healed.


In the meatime, Ed saw a post from his neighbourhood from a Tanja Tombaugh who was encouraging neighbours to sign up for a class at the Thornton rec center. The class would only be held if a certain number of folks signed up. Ed gave her information about the Academy's pottery classes starting up again.


Well, long story short, the rec cemter class did not work out and so Tanja and her sister Reta began working with Dave and Ed to create a new session of pottery classes which would involve teaching both wheel-throwing and hand-building skills and techniques.


Tanja also was instrumental in the fund-raising (see the videos below), classroom organisation and getting things in order for the new session. Both Tanja and Reta bring many years of experience in the qualities and nuances of clay, throwing, hand-building, firing and glazing, to the Academy's Mud Hole programme. We are blessed to have them as a vital part of our family. 


It was decided to offer introductory classes for both newbies and the experienced to learn about studio organisation, guidelines and processes as well as experiencing a small hand-building and wheel-throwing project.


Those who wished to continue on could then sign up for regular classes by purchasing four-pacs of classes (and then subsequent pacs as classes were used up) in either the hand-building or wheel-throwing aspect of ceramics.


Dave continues to teach the wheel and Reta is teaching the hand-building.


Contact Ed for more information and pricing.


Folks can also help the ceramics programme out by donating at the Go Get Funding site Tanja set up:



The Mural

Brightonians and those driving into town, may have notice the charging Elephant, breaking through the upper storey of the od hotel on Bridge Street!!

This is the resulting mural of a year-and-a-half effort, whose genesis lay in Brighton's Little Big Idea.

Read more here...

Ceramics Classes

We now provide Ceramics Classes - wheel-work as well as slab (flat) work and sculpting. Classes will be held on Tuesday morning 11:00am- 1:00pm, evening at 6:00-8:00pm and Sat morning at 11:00am-1:00pm

Please contact us with any requests or questions.

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