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Other Offerings for Artists

Besides our regular Academy Classes we have other opportunities for artists to enjoy and hone their skills on.


Drawing and Painting from a Live Model

We have added both clothed and unclothed drawing from life sessions.


Our clothed sessions take place on the first and third Saturdays of the month, from 9:00am to 11:00am. The cost is $10 per artist, per session and artists of all ages are welcome - minors should be accompanied by a parent/guardian. We have a great time participating in what we consider a vital activity for artists to improve their drawing skills.


Our unclothed sessions are scheduled 'on the fly', depending upon model availability. They usually take place on a weekday evening, or Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Artists must be 18 or older to participate. The cost is $15 per artist, per session.


We are adding Portrait Sessions. Some of our artists enjoy developing their skills as portraitists. The Drawing from Life Sessions are a little short to accomplish a decent portrait, and so we are adding 3 hour long sessions, which, while still not a lot of time, gives artists a better opportunity to obtain a likeness. We may also have multiple sessions with the same model and pose to allow more time. These sessions are $15 per artist - dates and time to be determined. Ask to be included on the mailing list for information as it occurs.


We pay our models and while certainly not required, we encourage our artists to encourage our models by tipping them.


Space is limited, so please RSVP if you wish to reserve a spot. Also, if you, or someone you know, would like to model please text Ed at 303 718 1014 or email him at, with contact information.


En Plein Air Events and Outings

En Plein Air simply means In Plain Air - or - Outside. It's a French term that refers to the practise of artists painting a scene whilst sitting (or standing) in it. In Situ, or, On Site, are other terms.


Several of us have had the pleasure of going to various places to paint out in the open. We have visited Eldorado Canyon, Eben Fine Park (Boulder) and Barr Lake State Park, to paint some of the lovely (and challenging) scenes. We are planning to have these expeditions on occasion to other picturesque venues.


These events are not instructed and so there is no charge (other than standard entry fees to various parks, etc).


About a dozen artists have joined us for several of Barr Lake's Art in the Park. We have enjoyed a day of sunshine and the opportunity to paint the various scenes offered by the park.


Text Ed at 303 718 1014 or email him at


Main Street Art Salons

In conjunction with BCAC and Main Street Gallery (36 S Main Street in Brighton) we present the Art Salons.


These are once quarterly events, which are FREE, by the way (thanks to a grant from SCFD), where we invite local professional artists to come and present their work, their story and their inspiration - and often give a demonstration of their methods.


We leave it to the artist to present what and how they wish; each salon is unique in that way and also in the variety of mediums represented. We have had watercolourists, fibre artists, oil and acrylic artists, and even a legally blind artist who paints on monofilament (fishing) line. Some artists display and describe their work and how it was created, others give demos of their work or some artistic technique, or both. Each is informative and inspirational. Salons are tailored for adults.



The Gallery hosts several events per year. These are 'open houses' where artists and the community can gather to view new art and chat about art in general. It's an opportunity for the community to meet and chat with artists, some of whose work is spotlighted for the event.

At various times the event is planned to coincide with the pARTy Bus tours that the City of Brighton hosts. These events include minibus tours of at least three of the art venues in town - the Armory, the New City Hall and Main Street Gallery. These events plan to expand to include other venues with art displayed and a tour of the City's public art.

Events are free and open to the public and include refreshments. All ages are welcome and they make for a great family adventure.



Workshops on various topics (some aspect of art - including: techniques, information, demonstrations, etc), mediums (oils, acrylics, pastels, etc), subjects matter (landscapes, still lifes, portraits, figurative, etc) are also offered on occasion. Contact us for upcoming workshops.


Textl Ed at 303 718 1014 or email him at


The Mural

Brightonians and those driving into town, may have notice the charging Elephant, breaking through the upper storey of the od hotel on Bridge Street!!

This is the resulting mural of a year-and-a-half effort, whose genesis lay in Brighton's Little Big Idea.

Read more here...

Ceramics Classes

We now provide Ceramics Classes - wheel-work as well as slab (flat) work and sculpting. Classes will be held on Tuesday morning 11:00am- 1:00pm, evening at 6:00-8:00pm and Sat morning at 11:00am-1:00pm

Please contact us with any requests or questions.

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